Ashok Darji, a small child from Jhapa is becoming very popular nowadays in social media channels. His videos are trending number one on youtube. The reason is that of his singing talent. Ashok has sung many Nepali songs in the street. Listening to his songs, there is no doubt he has a potential to become number one singer of Nepal. When his singing ability was recognized, lots of media channels covered his story and made him famous overnight. Recently, the media said that he is busy in recording a song in Kathmandu at Studio 9.

Ashok Darji started singing at the age of 5. He didn’t come back to his house for almost 8 years. His father said, “ They admitted him to School for studies but he always bunks the classes. He comes home late and stays in the street singing whole day. He earns a little money by singing in the street and go back to his sister and bother in law house to stay.” It is sure his behaviour has given his parents a lot of trouble and pain but after coming to Kathmandu, they must be in a relief hoping he will be on a good track and will make a big career in Nepal as a good singer.

His new song called Man bina ko dhan thulo ki dhan bina ko man will be soon releasing in the market. He is recording the song at Studio 9. The viral videos show he is busy in practising the song with Tanka Budathoki and Dj Rupak.

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