The boundary of investigation of rape and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Panta has now become narrower, officials claim.According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishna Raj Ojha, following the negative DNA test report of accused Dilip Singh Bista, it is now easier to nab other suspects for investigation.

“We have Nirmala’s test results and we will arrest other suspects for DNA testing,” the DSP said. “We will bring all suspects under investigation.”Likewise, the Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur, Taranath Adhikari, said that the authorities will now investigate the case in a new light.

Former Kanchanpur police chief, Superintendent of Police Dilliraj Bista, had tried to pin the blame for Nirmala’s rape and murder on Dilip, infuriating the locals of Bhimdatta, leading to days-long agitation and death of a 14-year-old protester, Sunny Khuna, at the hands of police.

Babita Bam and her sister Roshani Bam, arrested on August 24 for their alleged connection to Nirmala’s murder, were also freed yesterday. Babita was bailed out for Rs 30,000, while Roshani was freed on general date. Nirmala was Roshani’s friend. On the fateful day in July when Nirmala was raped and murdered, she had gone to Roshani’s house to do homework.

Locals of Bhimdatta had hit the streets claiming that the SP had arrested mentally disturbed Dilip to shield the real culprits. Locals alleged that police personnel involved in preliminary probe had altered the crime scene and thrown a piece of cloth torn from Dilip’s shirt at the incident site to prove him guilty. The police bid to frame Dilip and shield the real culprits had led to the agitation.

The National Human Rights Commission and the High-Level Government Probe Committee have accused SP Dilliraj Bista of negligence while probing the incident. The government has already suspended him and recalled him from Kanchanpur.

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