Actress Pooja Sharma had entered the Nepali movie industry in ‘3 Lovers’. After the movie, she debuted as the leading actress in ‘Madhumash’. Now, she has signed up to lead the second movie, ‘Ajhai Pani’.Pooja was born in Sindhupalchowk and her family moved to Kathmandu after three months of her birth. In an interview in October 2016, Pooja had told that she is 24-years-old, that makes her birthday April 30 of 1992.

Pooja is the only child of her parents. Pooja’s father is a doctor. He is currently (as of, 2016 October) is posted in Sindhupalchowk. Pooja’s mother used to be a teacher. She got sick and left the teaching profession and is currently living as a housewife In the past, Pooja had gone to Canada for further studies. But, she couldn’t live there for some medical reason and returned back to Nepal. As of October 2016, Pooja has completed her bachelors degree in tourism and is planning to join Masters soon.

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