When you were a kid, did you cry and go home every time someone yanked your hair or did you stomp your feet and keep playing, often pushing and shoving to make way for yourself? If the latter is what you did and what you think one should do when faced with challenges, then congratulations for it’s what good leaders and successful entrepreneurs choose to do in life as well. But if it’s the former, then maybe you should stop being too sensitive because that kind of attitude will only hurt you while accomplishing nothing in return.

While understanding our emotions, the emotions of others, and knowing how to show them are definitely essential, learning how to be in command of them so that we are not ruled by them is even more crucial in order to ensure we don’t get hurt all the time. Being too sensitive won’t only prevent you from seeing the logic that’s often right under your nose, but it can cause both you and the people around you pain. For instance, if something you don’t approve of happens at work, will it be better to break down, cry and take things personally, or will it be a mature thing to do to try and reason out what’s happening? Will it be better to appear weak or to come up with workable solutions by seeing wider perspectives that include acceptance and understanding of differing opinions and thoughts?

For me, as I’m sure it is for many, the latter options for both the questions are definitely the way to go. Ultimately, everyone wants to move forward in life and actually go somewhere, rather than being hurt and stuck in the same place over and over again which gets them nowhere due to their inability to take criticism and work on it. When you can’t pursue a rational solution to a dilemma because you fear of both yourself and/or someone else getting his/her precious feelings hurt, you enter a downward spiral. Things get worse, and good solutions are out of reach. However, on the other hand, people who identify themselves as “thick-skinned” seem to possess abilities that help them to not only stay calm under pressure but, when they feel vulnerable and threatened, they know how to remain centered, and don’t break apart or crumble emotionally.

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