Chhath is celebrated all across the country including Kathmandu. The three-day long festival is celebrated by worshipping Sun God and fasting by married women for the familial harmony and prosperity. It began on Monday this year and ends on Wednesday. On this occasion, the devotees and followers gather at different water resources in the valley to mark the festival. The festival is observed in different places inside the Valley including the banks of Bagmati river, Kamal Pokhari, Nag Pokhari, Dhobighat, Gujeswori, and Machha Pokhari among others. The age-long significances of the occasion share a firm root to the ancient practices and cultural values of followers especially belonging from the Eastern part of Nepal.

The first day is celebrated by cleaning and preparing food for the fast. Three major dishes like Thekua, Khajuri and Bushwa are cooked which is used as offerings to the Sun God. Likewise, the devotees, especially married women, also take partial fast on the first day eating Prasad (food offered to God) like kheer and puri.

Fasting is an inalienable aspect of Chhath Parva. On the second day, married women, especially mothers fast all day long. They even don’t drink water, for the familial harmony, well-being and prosperity. The devotees worship the setting Sun on the second day of the festival where their fast ends on the last day after worshiping the rising Sun.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया