Music of Nepal refers to the various musical genres of Nepal. With more than fifty ethnicity, the music of this country is a highly dispersed phenomenon. Although genres like pop, rock, folk, and Classical music exist, a huge number of such genres are yet to be cataloged. Many musical bands exist in Nepal, with a huge number in Kathmandu – most of the recent ones focused in pop and rock. Rap has been known to emerge on the charts from time to time.

Music developed and flourished during this era. The Malla kings were known for their interest in arts. Drama created during those eras is accompanied by music. Many of the guthis of Kathmandu valley have their origin in this era. These guthis maintain the musical genres established during that era. Dāpā music, a type of Newari bhajan is believed to have originated in this era.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया