Rakhi Sawant, who is called the drama queen of the TV industry, often remains the subject of discussion in the media due to her dramas and statements, this time she has done the same. In fact, recently after confirming her marriage in the media, she has constantly learned to be in the headlines with her marriage statements.

In such a situation, Rakhi has now shared a video of her on social media, which has upset people. In this video, Rakhi is seen crying and she is telling her husband, “She can’t live without him so he should not ignore her and leave her.”Many people have seen this video of Rakhi till now and people are also commenting on it and constantly calling Rakhi bad. Recently, Rakhi posted her photos on social media in which she was seen in a bridal look and after that Rakhi shared many other photos in which she was seen with sindoor and mangal sutra in her neck and she said that they are pictures of their honeymoon.

At the time when the media questioned after seeing her photos, Rakhi said that she has married an NRI. Later she also said that she will bring her husband in front of people in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. By the way, this video of Rakhi has created a sensation and this video is surprising for everyone.