An employee at Parliament Secretariat who has alleged Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara of har..assing her has admitted that she was in depression for long. Talking to media persons on Tuesday, she explained that she had been suffering mental problems for five years and was taking anti-depressant as per doctor’s advice.

“I’m mentally fragile since my mother’s de..ath. I had to take tranquilizer,” she said, adding that although she was prescribed to take a tablet of medicine every morning and evening, she used to take six or ten tablets when she was in fit of rage.

She further said she did not remember what she said in impulse. “Probably, Speaker faced a fit of rage from me,” she mentioned, adding that she had the problem of taking much medicine in case she got angry with anyone. When the dose of medicine is increased, the oblivion suffers her.

Moreover, she said, “I don’t know whom I phoned and whom I talked with.” The accuser even said that she was also a journalist some years back and she wondered how some media try to accuse someone in the name of becoming ‘in the lime light’.

She has the observation that it was blown out of its proportion to use someone near the man in post to expel him/’her from the post. “I’m worried over the unnecessary link to my relations to the Speaker, who is as revered like a father.”

According to her, she took Speaker Mahara always as guardian, and had family relations with him. “We know Mahara Sir since 2047 BS. We’ve family relations. Our acquaintance is long.” As she regarded Mahara as her father, there could be no illicit relation at all between the father and daughter, she asserted.

“The society failed to understand relations between father and daughter,” she expressed surprise, adding, “Its sheer exaggeration about an innocent person. He is not accused in this matter.”